Stephanie Lynn Wright died in 1994 of an Asthma Attack. She was the daughter of Kimberly Wright Mordue and grand-daughter of Mary Byrne Kellogg who is my wife's 2nd cousin in Honeyville Utah. Kimberly also lost a step son, Joshua Mordue at the age of 12.  Kim's daughter Brook had a son Jaxon (age 2) who fell in a creek behind their house and was swept down stream. Neighbors say the creek is running higher and faster than ever before. It is fenced in, but police believe the boy got through a small opening. A volunteer searcher found the toddler face down in the water, not breathing. They began performing CPR and Jaxon was soon flown to the hospital. He suffered hypothermia and other internal injuries, but family members describe him as a fighter and hope his strong spirit will pull through. He had been under water about 30 minutes. When Jaxon drowned, he was in an induced coma for at least a week, and when he woke up he said he had been playing with stephanie (who died of Asthma) and Josh (Kim's step son that died at age 11 from brain tumor) in the glass castle.

Karen (my first cousin that lives in AL, uncle jim byrnes daughter) and her youngest daughter nicole were walking across the street one day in west covina CA about 12 years ago, karen was holding nicoles hand, they were almost to hte curb when a truck came speeding around the corner and karen knew they wer gointo be hit, so she threw nicole up on to the grass by the sidewalk and karen put her hand up and the truck hit her, knocked her down, then drove off. (nicole had never met stephanie) so a year later karen and nicole and jessica are up here visiting us, we go to kims house and nicole sees the pic of stephanie hanging in kims house and she said, thats the angel that saved us when the truck hit us. she was wearing a green dress. Stephanie was buried in a green dress......Sheri Anderson

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Shela had a unique disease called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. There is no known cause, no cure. Only attempts to control the pain, which requires incredible amounts of medication and doesn't work. On the pain scale of diseases, it is number one, even greater than cancer. It just came one night and progressed steadily. Her heart was weak and she just couldn't withstand it.





Dallin Hess  (Facebook)    02//04/99 - 02/19/2014

My good friend Dallin Hess is someone whom I greatly admire. Although he no longer walks among us, Dallin taught me a life lesson that is one I will never forget. His motto became "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." He truly believed that. Dallin always had a smile on. Even the last time I saw him, the night before he passe away, he lay in is bed and smiled at me. He never felt sorry for himself. He was asked to endure so much in his time on Earth. Thank you for what you taught me.

-Madi Kellogg

      Dylan Hess & Madi



Sarah with her neice Katie






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